Our Process

How It Works?

Initial Contact

Our simple and easy process starts at initial contact. At this stage, we do the initial discussion and inquire about some details so we can move forward.


After inquiring about some of the details, we start the audit process, where we thoroughly analyze your financial records to find out about the money that could be recovered.

Recovery Process

After performing detailed audits, we start the recovery process. This is the stage where our experts do all the work required to recover the money that is rightfully yours, at no cost to you.

Know About Us

Who We Are?

Its UR Money is a certified assets recovery organization that help people recover money from the government, which is owed them. If you’ve received a call or letter from us, it’s because we’ve found funds being held by the government that may be rightfully yours. We have been trained and certified as Tax Payer Refund Recovery Specialist by the top attorney in this field and know the “insand outs” of government agencies. If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them for you!

We have been offering this service for more than 2 years now and have recovered a lot of money for our clients during this period. With the experience that we have now, we are ready to serve you as well. Just connect with us and let us help you recover the funds that are rightfully yours.

Why People Choose Our Company and Not Others?

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Our organization has established itself as a reliable and stable partner


We combine the quality of services and a deep understanding of the law


An effective way to protect the client's rights and achieve maximum results

Are There Any Other Questions?

Fill out the form and we will call you back.


    We Are a Team of Highly Professional Specialists

    Each of us practices in certain areas of law, which in general allows us to fully meet the client’s needs for legal support. We are always open to interesting ideas and proposals, as well as ready for constructive and comprehensive cooperation!

    A Guarantee of Achieving the Desired Result!

    The specialists of our company will provide you with expert advice on any issue that interests you.

    • Experienced lawyers
    • Speed and reliability
    • An integrated approach

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      Why You Should Acquire Our Asset Recovery Services?



      We offer our services for you with complete professionalism.



      Our team possesses the required expertise which ensures the best results.


      Easy Process

      Our simple and easy process makes everything very convenient for you.

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      Its UR Money

      Our Mission And Vision

      Its UR Money is on the mission to help you recover money the government agencies are holding, that is rightfully yours. We also aim to make you aware of how government agencies steal your money. Our vision is to see people more aware of how their rightful and hard-earned money is being stolen so they can be more vigilant.

      Take Action Now

      Think of what you can do with all the money that we recover for you. It could be utilized in improving a lot of aspects of your life. This is an opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. Take action now and get in touch with us so we can start the process.