We all begin as a lotus plant in the mud of our emotions. Source and I will help you achieve wellness through clearing negative emotions.

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Hi, my name is Daphne Higa, and welcome. A source is a group of Spirits and also my Guides. Together we are passionate about bringing you peace of mind and body. Through techniques that Source has taught me, we facilitate your ability to heal your physical and emotional body. These healings start your path from simple awareness to transformation.
I am so grateful to be born in Hawaii, a place renowned for spiritual healing. The healing Kahunas of Hawaii work with Spirit to heal bodies and souls. I have had a lifelong ambition to be close to Spirit. Now after years in this pursuit, Source and I work together to this goal. I invite you to begin your own adventure. 

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Energy work with Source in person or long-distance. Source and I clear the layers of negative emotions triggering you. We can also teach you how to begin healing yourself using your own guides.


Source brings these messages to all who visit this sight.

Depiction of Daphne’s Guides by tsearly.com

We Are Here!

We are here to tell you today that We are watching and listening to each one of you out there.  There is no one that is not included in this.

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The Undulating Path

In this time We are asking all to be of one mind; of finding their path to salvation.  This means We are asking all to find a way to instill

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The Past Is Here

The past is here.    The November full moon and chilly winds bring up the dark side of many humans.  This is the time to delve into that darkness and

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Self Love

We are happy to be here today.  We as a group of Spirits need to tell you that you are all loved; loved beyond imagination for you Earthlings.  Many of

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The Past Forgotten

We, who are watching over you, must say at this time your past in other lifetimes is affecting you now.  It is the time to say that the experiences from

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Monday, July 30th

Experience Your Past Lives!   What’s unique is that I use hypnosis to help you access that part of your brain which houses your past life memories.   Once selected you’ll  experience one of your past life memories.  Its much like watching a video.  Now, this experience will include a healing of that past life.  I have given so many people understanding and healing about their lives and now I am so excited to offer it to you in a group setting!  The event is $30.  Space is limited so reserve your space now by sending me an email and I will give you the address.

Bring a blanket and a pillow for those who want to lie on the floor.  Your body temperature will drop during deep hypnosis so dress warmly if you plan to sit in a chair.



 Text me at 619-889-2507  to make an appointment for a free initial consultation.