Pulse Seed store

Pulse_SeedStor: A Germplasm Resources Information System for Pulses

            Plant genetic resources are the building block for the development of improved cultivars either through conventional breeding or through modern techniques of plant genetic manipulation. Recognizing this fact, ICAR-Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kanpur involves for collection characterization, evaluation, multiplication and conservation of crop germplasm. These are being maintained without proper electronic data management system. The crop breeders are also having difference of opinions in germplasm data collection, evaluation and conservation. Data evaluation and validation are the major issues. An adaptive approach is required to acquire most recent information on each germplasm accession to make it more effective. The utility of germplasm collection and utilization are enhanced if the unique traits of each accession are identified, described, and stored in the form of a database which leads to efficient management of data for easy access and quick retrieval.

           At present 9755 germplasm accessions of major pulse crops are available at ICAR-IIPR, Kanpur GeneBank. Besides these accessions, large number of accessions of wild species and land races are also available( Chickpea: 2300 accessions, Pigeonpea: 1200 accessions, Mungbean: 700 accessions, Urdbean: 523 accessions, Lentil: 1532 accessions, Rajmash: 1950 accessions, Fieldpea: 950 accessions, Cowpea: 600 accessions). The project envisages to organize of germplasm data for pulses in proper format for record and compilation through created database. These data have been pooled and processed  to provide/retrieve trait specific accessions individually and in combination. After designing the database, a web-based information system would be developed for data analysis and retrieval. Finally, a statistical summary would be prepared for each evaluation descriptor and its various descriptor states.